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John Cena, CM Punk, Kevin Nash & Alberto Del Rio: THE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS AWAITS

By the Masked Hernandez

I just got back from Monday Night RAW brother and it was great hanging and banging with some old friends, and talking with the new blood man. The show was boasting to be an “epic” edition of RAW and the crowd was ready for a show, but it was more of a tease in the end.

The question of the text is what everyone wants answered. Who contacted Kevin Nash and told him to jump the winner at Summerslam? Nash contended that it was his buddy Triple H that did it man, but we don’t know for sure.

We had a non-title match between the champ, Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison. Del Rio can’t seem to catch on man. The crowd didn’t light up too much for this entire match. Del Rio would win with a submission arm bar.

The main event was an eliminator between John Cena and CM Punk, and it would be a match without a distraction because Kevin Nash was in a car wreck and would not make it for the main event of RAW. Well, it turned out to be a lie man and here came “Big Sexy” and it proved enough of a distraction for Punk to give Cena the edge and he landed his finisher and the match was over, securing a title shot for him at the next pay per view.

Overall, it was disappointing man. I was hoping that we would get some answers brother, but they are stringing us along. You can bank on Nash revealing his “third man” I guess at the next PPV: night of champions.

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