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CM Punk – Kevin Nash – John Cena & Triple H: WWE Heats Up – Breaking News

By The Masked Hernandez

I was at RAW brother and ran into my friend Triple H. We’ve had our ups and downs man, but the guy has made it to the top by hook or by crook brother and you have to respect that. He was walking around in a 2 dollar suit and then he walked right past me and my friend The Big Apple to make it to the ring and give his statement.

As Triple H talks man, CM Punk comes down to the ring. He faces off against HHH and demands that he ends the bullsh*t and talk about the Kevin Nash deal honestly. Out of nowhere, here comes Kevin Nash and the battle is on between old lion and new lion man. It reminded me of my match in 1977 when I faced off against Nick Bockwinkle.

Nash notes that he is working for the WWE now man and has a lucrative contract. We know that to be true in reality. Art is imitating life man. Being Triple H’s man helps a great deal in negotiations. CM Punk did his best to carry the segment brother and did a good job. I still feel they are holding him back, but he’s at least inching along brother.

Nash versus Punk is the name of the game here and it’s coming. Let’s hope that the brittle body of Nash can hold up. When he gets into the ring, expect him to move slowly and do moves of power only as CM Punk does all the running around man.

Randy Orton RKO’d Dolph Ziggler in a back and forth encounter. Orton won the match and is still a top dog in the game man, but he couldn’t fill his father’s jock. He is this new tough guy MMA sort of character that the WWE loves. Where’s the Missing Link man? Where’s George the Animal Steele? Where are the characters brother? Pass me a pillow man. This is getting boring.

CM Punk took on the Miz and to nobody’s surprise Punk would win via DQ, but then the real business began with Kevin Nash and it ends with another surprise attack. Then will the real Sin Cara please step forward brother! Some guy in a mask under the name of “Sin Cara” defeated Jack Swagger.

The big main event was covered by my former tag team partner The Big Apple…

Yo, you know me, I’m the Big Apple of NYC, and we had some cross brand action with some Smackdown and Raw guys letting it go. Mark Henry and Christian took on Sheamus and John Cena in a tag battle, and it was a good show by the four grapplers.

When you get the face of WWE in Cena and you get Sheamus, one of Triple H’s buddies, you know the outcome before it begins. They win and send Christian and Henry packing.

Overall, RAW was decent, a 6/10 rating, I’d give it brother. Nothing great, but a good way to piss away a Monday night man.

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