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Triple H Returns to the Ring: WWE RAW PREVIEW – The Opponent

By The Big Apple

Yo, you know me, I’m the Big Apple of NYC. Tonight RAW is coming from an area I know really well…Columbus, Ohio. I used to hang down there with the junkies that were trying to get their fix and I steered them right, but you can’t save them all my man.

Triple H is coming back to the ring tonight and that has gotten a lot of attention. Who will his opponent be? That’s the question we all want to know man. Some are saying that he’s going to face CM Punk and others are saying that he may get his big friend Nash in there for a little war, but they are keeping it hush-hush in the WWE man. They are even keeping the 411 top secret from the Big Apple, so you know it’s big.

You can expect some Smackdown guys there tonight and further development of the Nash-Punk storyline. That is getting them ratings and they are going to ride that surfboard to the shore man.

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