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By Danny Allen

Hello RSR readers around the world. This is my first column I am sending my Managing Editor Geno McGahee for your consumption and I hope you enjoy it. Over the last two weeks, the internet has been crawling with stories on the possible breakup of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Well, I just got off the phone with a buddy of mine who works at the William Morris Agency who knows the team behind them.

“Steve” as I will call him let me know it was an elaborate PR stunt to help Jada out because as you all know, her popular show HAWTHRONE was just canceled. It keeps her name fresh in the public and studios eyes to either get her in a big movie or hit show right away, which in my years as a Talent Agent is brilliant. She is a very talented young lady.

In 1993, I met a then young Will Smith on the set of Six Degrees of Separation when my close friend who, at the time, represented Will’s Co-star Donald Sutherland. Smith was very good in his role and overlooked by many critics at that time.

So there you have it RSR readers on the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith breakup situation.

On another note, many of you have emailed me asking what was Errol Flynn really like? Errol, was one of the most amazing men along with actors I have ever worked with.

Sadly, it came at the end of his life, but his performance in Too Much Too Soon, as John Barrymore should have garnered him an Oscar. I am proud to say I was able to land that role for him and it was no easy task because of his physical state. Errol, only lived to be 50 years old (died October 14, 1959), but in those 50 years, he lived life to the very fullest. To this day, the saying “IN LIKE FLYNN” is used which is a testament to my old friend. RIP Errol….

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