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WWE News: NIGHT OF THE CHAMPIONS – CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H & Kevin Nash SHOCKER

By The Masked Hernandez

OK, brothers, I have a surprise for you. You know me brother, the Masked Hernandez, and you know my tag team partner, The Big Apple, but you are probably asking, where is the third power in the triangle of terror, the Cupcake Killer? Well, he’s here at RSR now and he is a guest commentator for this WWE RAW review.

We begin RAW man with a video package hyping the Triple H – CM Punk bout at Night of Champions. Should’ve been called “Night of HHH’s Ego” man. If he weren’t married to the boss’s daughter, he’d be nowhere brother.

CM Punk comes to the ring and begins selling it man, and he’s good. He’s damn good. The problem is that when you’re this good brother, Triple H will try to use you and then bury you. Do the names Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and Goldberg mean anything to you brother?

Kevin Nash comes on down and the two regurgitate the same argument man, and then Triple H comes down and kicks Nash’s ass. Is there any end to this guy’s ego?

Air Boom took on Jinder Mihal and The Great Khali in a tag team match and we see very little of the big man. Evan Bourne gets the three count on Mihal and it’s over like that. What a quick match brother. It reminded me of when Barry Windham defeated Mr. Fuji in 1988.

R-Truth would take on CM Punk with the Miz in his corner man. Punk is a crowd favorite and rightfully so and he defeats R-Truth despite the long odds against him man. The crowd went crazy! They got nasty brother!

Randy Orton took on Heath Slater, and Orton retained the heavyweight title with an RKO. Orton is the son of my friend Cowboy Bob and it’s nice to see that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Orton is one of the most talented in the game man and you can take that to the bank, cash it, buy a car with it and drive it to the coast!

We had an elimination match with Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Christian versus John Cena, Alex Riley, Sheamus & John Morrison. Of course, Cena’s team won man. Cena is going into his collision with the champion, Alberto Del Rio at the night of champions PPV brother. They hyped that match as much as they could. You see brother, they need Cena to hold gold so the Rock can come on down and take it from him at Wrestlemania.

A decent RAW…about a 6/10, but now, you asked for it. The TRIANGLE OF TERROR is reunited here at RSR.

The Big Apple: Yo, you know me, the Big Apple of NYC man. I really enjoyed RAW and thought that CM Punk stole the show. He has been down the road of passion and pain and brings the experience and talent to the game that we’ve all shed blood, sweat and tears over. I give the show a 7/10 and I can’t wait for Night of the Champions.

The Cupcake Killer: Enter my madness. Open the door into the world of the Cupake Killer. The insanity consumes you and your brain cannot handle the crazed cupcake of death! Where have I been you ask? I have been on the brink of madness, on the edge of sanity, in places that you would have not survived. I received the call from The Masked Hernandez that he was in a bind here at RSR and wanted to reunite this team, the Triangle of Terror, and that’s all he had to say. Now, what did I think of RAW? I am a TNA man, but WWE has put together a good show with a little too much of old man Nash and Triple Ego. I give it a 4/10.

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