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Floyd Mayweather JR Cheap Shots His Way to TKO Win Over Victor Ortiz: Boxing Results

By Geno McGahee

Floyd Mayweather, JR., 42-0, 26 KO’s, had a rough time with the oncoming Victor Ortiz, 29-3-2, 22 KO’s, getting roughed up against the ropes and muscled around a little. Mayweather controlled the action with his skill but didn’t look as sharp as he usually does and that may be the reason why this fight ended as it did.

Ortiz was coming on, being the aggressor and Floyd was using his superior skill to win the rounds, but there was a fight brewing. In the fourth round, Ortiz opened up and threw some good punches and a head butt, which he was immediately punished for. Referee Joe Cortez took one point away from Ortiz for the head butt. When the action resumed, Ortiz and Mayweather, JR., seemed to reconcile and were in the midst of a shaking of hands when Mayweather unleashed a two punch combo and knocked Ortiz cold. It was a two-punch cheap shot and Joe Cortez was daydreaming the entire time, and began counting Ortiz out and reached the count of 10.

The reason why people hate boxing is because of nonsense like this. It seems that EVERY highly publicized fight has something happen that spoils it. The fans never get a fair shake in boxing and that is why we are losing them to the MMA. Floyd has said that he doesn’t care what the fans think. It’s obvious that he doesn’t by his dirty tactics in the ring with Ortiz. Granted, Ortiz head-butted him, BUT to cheap shot a guy when he’s not looking is wrong and dangerous. Another PPV to forget…

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