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Jeff Hardy TNA COMEBACK: What They Don't Want You To Know – Wrestling News

By Masked Hernandez

The comeback of Jeff Hardy to TNA has been met with some feedback from the boys backstage man. You know that Jeff has had these personal demons brother, and I can relate. In the 1980’s, I had my war with cocaine and I feel the pain of my wrestling brother. The business is tough and can beat you down until you never want to come back man, but you have to either lie down and die or get up and GET NASTY, and I got up and did that brother, and now Hardy is doing the same dude.

I sent out an email man to all of my friends in the biz. The WWE guys didn’t want to comment because of their association with the federation and Vince’s temper tantrums, but those now on the indie circuit and some names of the past have stepped forward to give their opinions on Jeff Hardy.

Cupcake Killer

Step into the mind of madness, cruising at 1000 MPH into the realm of insanity…my world and the world of gloom and doom, only open to those with a free mind. Jeff Hardy is walking on the lake of fire, holding hands with the devil, and I wish him luck in the fight of fights, to defeat the monkey on his back.

Big Apple

Yo, you know me, I’m the Big Apple of NYC. I have walked the mean streets with the junkies and the hookers, and I’ve seen the needle marks in the arms of those that sat on the corner and asked me for a buck. There are two paths in life that you can take, the easy one and the hard one, and now Jeff has shifted back to the difficulty of life and is back on track to making a good buck in this business. He’s going to do it.

Mystery Shopper (Current IWFC Champ – Southern Division Champion)

Jeff Hardy has been overcharged with the crime of drugs and will be getting a high rating from this Mystery Shopper for his diligence in defeating this out of stock item. Clean up on aisle nine! Jeff Hardy is cleaning up so he can beat all of the shoppers. Good luck Jeff. You’re going to win and that’s no mystery.

Spider FAT (Indie Wrestler from California)

Spider Fat, Spider Fat, friendly hungry Spider Fat…eats all day, never stops, forgets to fight crime because he’s stuffing his face. Look out, here comes the Spider Fat. As I use my web of chocolate frosting on the wrestling world, I must turn my spidey senses to Jeff Hardy and say “you go boy” and that comes from your friendly neighborhood Spider Fat.

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