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Floyd Mayweather JR – Oscar De La Hoya WAR OF WORDS

By Geno McGahee

The Floyd Mayweather, JR., criticism continues with Oscar De La Hoya speaking up and demanding a rematch with Victor Ortiz. De La Hoya stated that Ricardo Mayorga would not do what Floyd did and neither would Fernando Vargas.

The war of words between Floyd and Oscar began before the Ortiz fight. De La Hoya gave Ortiz advice and dismissed a lot of what Mayweather, JR., has accomplished. After De La Hoya admitted to drug use and posing for the infamous photographs where he is wearing fishnets, Mayweather was quick to comment and take some jabs.

Mayweather and De La Hoya collectively have made a lot of money. When they faced each other, they made a bundle and as promoters, they have made a great deal, and a rematch with Ortiz would probably be something that would do well because of the controversy surrounding the first bout.

Expect more verbal exchanges between Oscar and Floyd, leading to another money making opportunity for them both. Neither is stupid and controversy equals money, and they both may see the potential dollar signs attached to this rematch and may be stirring the pot together to make it happen and get the most bang for the buck.

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