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CM Punk, Triple H, John Cena & Alberto Del Rio: HELL IN THE CELL – BREAKING NEWS

By Cupcake Killer

In Kansas City, the home of the madness, the hell in the cell towered over the ring like King Kong stomping his big feet over New York City. A triple threat Hell in a Cell Match will be the sell, with Champion John Cena defending against both CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio. It will be the road to insanity, paved with blood and tears of those that have walked before and shall rise again.

The WWE tag team champions, “Air Boom” tagged up with Zack Ryder to get the victory over Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Mason Ryan. I found the match to be the best example of ferocity within the confines of madness.

John Cena would take on Christian, a man that had built his reputation with his blood brother, Edge. With an evenly paced matched with both men giving their all, former champ, Alberto Del Rio sealed the deal with the devil and brought the attack to Cena, causing a DQ win for the champ.

The other champion, a man of great power that lives in the Smackdown realm, Mark Henry, was fined 250,000 dollars for his attack on the Great Khali. Henry keeps adding bodies to the “Hall of Pain,” the name he has given to the long line of bodies that he has left in the dust.

The beauties Beth Phoenix and Natalya beat Kelly Kelly and Eve, two incredible babes when the “Glamazon” hit the fire of the Glam Slam.

In a 10 man battle royal, Cody Rhodes of the Rhodes dynasty came out victorious. He would get an assist from Christian to remove Sheamus from the equation and take the IC title home.

RAW was not the glitz and glamour that you would expect to set up this Hell in the Cell PPV. The madness, pain and glory just were not there, making this show one of pure mediocrity.

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