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By Geno McGahee

The outbreak of Listeria illness that is being linked to cantaloupes is being called the deadliest in recent history. The illness has symptoms that include fever and muscle aches, and there is now a reported 72 people across 18 states that have been sickened by the cantaloupes.

The death count is now on 13, with reports coming in from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas. There are deaths that are unconfirmed in New Mexico and Wyoming. The death count is expected to rise from 13.

According to reports, it can take up to 4 weeks for Listeria infection to show the symptoms. There is a long incubation period, which is why the death count is expected to greatly rise. With all of the recent problems with turkey burger and hamburger, and now this, the public is becoming quite weary of the food that is making it into our markets.

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