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Casey Anthony: VIDEO RELEASE, Nancy Grace & Caylee Reconsidered

By Geno McGahee

The “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony was rocking and was hunched over after hearing that the remains of her two year old daughter, Caylee, in a video that was released today, when a Florida judge overturned a decision to seal the footage.

The security video of Anthony in a waiting area of a medical facility at the county jail was taken in December of 2008, immediately after Caylee’s remains were found. The video has no audio.

Casey Anthony has made her way back into the news as a reference point for the Conrad Murray – Michael Jackson murder case. Nancy Grace still finds time to mention Anthony and will milk the story dry as long as the viewers keep coming and they do.

The video really doesn’t prove or disprove anything. Those that believe that Anthony is guilty still believe it. The video wasn’t anything spectacular.

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