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Jon Jones Vs Rashad Evans, Brock Lesnar & Rampage Jackson GOES TO BOXING – UFC NEWS

By Vinnie Franklin

I was able to watch Jon Jones easily handle Rampage Jackson and although Jackson questions the way that his opponents fight him in the UFC, he cannot dispute the face that he was schooled and lost to the better man. Jon Jones is in a tough position because he is too good, but and old buddy named Rashad Evans has been waiting patiently for a crack at the title and claims to have Jones’ number. That is yet to be seen. I make him a huge longshot to beat Jones. Anyone that faces Jones will have their work cut out for them.

Brock Lesnar is set for Alistair Overeem and there is the potential that he may return to pro wrestling should it not work out and that is A-OK with Vince McMahon, who would gladly take him back. Lesnar is a huge ticket and should he defeat Overeem, which I don’t believe he will, will be bigger than ever and will have to build another safe to hold all the money he will make.

How about this guy Rampage Jackson? He’s now leaving MMA and going to boxing. Boxing isn’t as easy a transition as some people think and vice versa. Jackson is just trying to turn a buck and his move to pugilism cannot be taken too seriously. He won’t go far.

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