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Sergio Martinez: Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather JR Can Rest Easy

By Vinnie Franklin

I was quite interested in the Sergio Martinez – Darren Barker fight on HBO over the weekend. You see, Martinez has made his case that he is the #3 best in the world, but after watching him struggle with Barker, I have my reservations about him.

For 11 rounds, the fight was relatively even and had it been a 10 round fight, Martinez may have lost a decision, but he fought with urgency at the end and landed a right hook that placed Barker on his back side. This guy fought bravely but was looking for a soft spot on the floor. Martinez helped him out.

Martinez wants a shot at one of three people, all of which are big money fights. Miguel Cotto is the most likely, should he gets beyond Margarito. Then there are the two big prizes, Pacquiao and Mayweather, JR., both of which have shown no interest in him…but that may change after this guy struggled with a mediocrity for 10 rounds.

I want to see Mayweather or Pacquiao challenged but Martinez doesn’t appear to be the star that some thought he was. The Barker fight may launch him into an opportunity considering just how horrible he looked and then we will find out if he is a legit challenge to these two proven commodities or if he will be exposed as a good fighter, not one of greatness.

I’ll be waiting to see if Juan Manuel Marquez can get his ducks in a row. I hope he can. He is a guy that doesn’t always get the respect he deserves and that goes especially for those judges that gave Pacquiao two gifts. Let’s hope that they take the blindfolds off of them for the upcoming fight.

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