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Jeff Hardy Inside Track: Bobby Roode TARGETED – TNA/WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

The man, the redemption, the Hardy boy, the future of the game, Jeff Hardy. Man, it seems like only yesterday when Jeff Hardy was a victim of the poison and was throwing away his career, but the dude knocked the demon off his shoulder and is now focusing on taking some TNA gold against another guy that could be something huge, Bobby Roode, of former Beer Money fame.

TNA is building momentum man. It isn’t in the same world as the WWE, but it’s gaining ground and has that old WCW feel brother. They are pushing the young and appreciating the old, and this big event between Hardy and Roode promises to be a great contest.

Hardy pushes forward and has gotten over his feud with Jeff Jarrett, one that he won clearly man. Hardy is more popular now than he’s ever been and he will be favored to beat the young and uprising Roode.

TNA is currently molding the feud and Impact is getting more and more interesting because of it. Roode’s a great heel and Hardy’s a great face….how can you get better than that brother?

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