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Floyd Mayweather JR's Next Opponent: Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto or Other? – Boxing News

By Geno McGahee

Floyd Mayweather, JR., 42-0, 26 KO’s, has a fight scheduled for May 5th in Nevada, and the question has been: “Who will it be?” The obvious hope is that the Filipino superstar, Manny Pacquiao will be the opponent, but it will most likely not happen. The most likely opponent at this time, according to the rumor mill, is the WBA Light Middleweight Champion, Miguel Cotto, 37-2, 30 KO’s.

Mayweather, JR., is known for carefully selecting his opposition and when the name “Cotto” came up, it wasn’t a surprise to the boxing world. Cotto is a good fighter, but he has never been the same since his defeat to Antonio Margarito in 2008, when he was beaten with plastered fists for 11 rounds. A recent victory over Margarito has not erased that night, but has proven that without loaded gloves, Margarito cannot win a fight against a top fighter.

Cotto is not in the same league as Mayweather, JR., but he has a large Puerto Rican following and can sell a pay per view. There aren’t many big names in boxing and Cotto is certainly a bigger name than most of those that would be considered for a Floyd fight. With the title around his waist and the win over Margarito, the case will be made that he exorcized a demon and is back to his old form, but if he would win a round in a fight with Mayweather, JR., I would be surprised. It is a mismatch, but the point is that they can sell it and it will keep the undefeated record intact.

A rematch with Victor Ortiz is a possibility should he overcome Andre Berto in a rematch in February. The Mayweather – Ortiz fight was a joke played on boxing with a head butt leading to a 2 punch cheap shot victory for Floyd. The 60 dollar pay per screw was a huge black eye for boxing and some of the public wants to see the likable Ortiz get another crack without the controversy. He will have his hands full with Ward and the fact that there would only be a 3 month break in between fights make a rematch unlikely.

Manny Pacquiao struggled with Juan Manuel Marquez in his last fight. The majority believe that Marquez won, but the nod went to the money –maker and Pacquiao moved on, but his window of success is closing and he could cash in with the fight that the public wants. They may not want it as much because much of the mystery of the fight is gone. Floyd would be a big favorite going in. If Marquez can control Pacquiao and stay out of harm’s way, Floyd will have a field day with Manny, but it is still a fight that would be of interest because of the fan base and successful spree of victories over name opponents that Manny brings.

A Floyd – Manny fight is not something that we can bank on for May 5th. It’s a long shot. Expect a Miguel Cotto fight to materialize.

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