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Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather JR DONE DEAL: Bob Arum’s BOXING SET UP

By Geno McGahee

Bob Arum has said that Manny Pacquiao, 54-3-2, 38 KO’s, and Floyd Mayweather, JR., 42-0, 26 KO’s, will fight…but it is the “perfect fight” for November. In other words, Arum will not let it happen unless Manny has nothing left to give. Arum has made a fortune off of Pacquiao and now he wants to pit him against Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez (for the fourth time), Miguel Cotto (again), or Lamont Peterson. None of those fights are very appetizing.

Mayweather, JR., has used his money and celebrity status to delay his jail stint so he can fight in May, which would be a good time to match these two guys up, but it’s not going to happen and you can bet that it will never happen. Arum is a businessman and he has strategically moved Manny to make the most money and he knows, as most do, that he can’t beat Floyd. A bout with Mayweather is the final cash in and Arum doesn’t want to lose his cash cow just yet. He still has some good fighters, not great fighters, to feed him.

Will Arum cash in this November? Who cares? The more time that goes by, the less interesting the fight becomes. When Manny was tearing through his opponents with ease, the Floyd fight made sense. It seemed competitive but when Juan Manuel Marquez controlled him in the third fight, winning it but losing on the cards, it’s hard to see Floyd losing a round…but Manny can still beat up guys like Bradley, Peterson and Cotto to keep the illusion going that he is the best in the world.

It will be up to the public to decide that a pay per view is worthy if you are watching Manny face a guy like Bradley or Peterson. The end result is not in question. I would say that it’s too weak of a main event to sell, but this is what Bob Arum specializes in.

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