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Kevin Nash Vs Ultimate Warrior in MMA: DID THE WARRIOR ACCEPT?

By Masked Hernandez

The Twitter war continues with my friend, Kevin Nash, and that fake pretender, Warrior. Nash was tired of the nonsense brother. Every time he turned around, this painted-faced fool would run off at the mouth man and he did the same thing to me years ago in NYC when he met up with me, said he loved me, and then said: “The Masked Hernandez is nothing but a sh*thead…a never was…he’s so stupid that he doesn’t even know how to email…only faxes sh*t.” When I confronted him later, he backed down, and now he backed down again.

Nash wanted a 100,000 dollar MMA challenge with Warrior to settle the matter in a shoot fight. That means a real fight brother. Warrior was quick to say “no thanks” and then trashed Nash some more. Come on brother, grow a set!

Warrior is all talk man and he can’t get along with anyone man. I hope that he changes his mind so Nash can get him into the ring and shove that size 20 up his ass. Go get’em brother!

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