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Undertaker WRESTLEMANIA SHOCKER – What To Expect

By Masked Hernandez

I just got the news brother. Undertaker will retire after a bout at Wrestlemania 29…so expect him to win this year’s big event at WM man. You know that they are setting up this Brock Lesnar fight, but it’s not set in stone. They are negotiating but Dana White may be throwing a wrench in the works. The other options include Chris Jericho and Triple H. Neither of those guys are getting the crowds excited man.

Undertaker is undefeated but the guy is injured and getting very old. How much longer can he go? He has agreed to just over a year more with the WWE…two Wrestlemanias and expect Vince to take full advantage. A Brock Lesnar showdown to begin followed by the final…they will need to figure out that one man. You’ve gotta give the Dead Man his due and the fans their rightful goodbye to the man that has meant so much to sport.

WM in New Jersey may see the Taker take on the Rock or another big name from the past. They have to make it something old and new man. Let’s see what Vinnie Mac has up his sleeve. We’re waiting brother.

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