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Chael Sonnen: UFC on FOX – Mark Munoz, Anderson Silva & More!

By Vinnie Franklin

Chael Sonnen is a big name in the sport man and you know that CM Punk won’t be escorting him to the cage because of the Dana White-Vince McMahon war, but he will fight nonetheless. On January 28th, Sonnen will take on the Mark Munoz on FOX.

People want to see this guy rematch Anderson Silva, but the long list of injuries that Silva has had put him on the shelf, which is a shame. When they bumped heads before, Sonnen was dominating before Silva became that “Spider” and pulled a last minute rabbit out of his hat to get the win. It’s not over till it’s over baby.

On “UFC Tonight,” Sonnen commented: “It’s real simple. I want the title. I want to be champion. I don’t want it just because I want a belt, I want to be the best. I want to look in the mirror and know I’m the best in the world. If I can’t beat Mark Munoz, then I’m not. Munoz and I aren’t fighting because this is the match that made sense. We’re fighting because Anderson doesn’t want to fight me. Anderson trained with Munoz, he got destroyed by Munoz, he doesn’t want to fight Mark. Ed Soares, Anderson’s manager, worked diligently behind the scenes to make Mark and I fight each other. So I don’t have a big problem fighting Mark. My resentment is that Anderson got his way.”

The oven is heated and it’s time to start cooking! If Sonnen is victorious, he plans to squash the Spider in a rematch and he won’t rest until he has that title. Sonnen is coming for you Anderson. Get ready.

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