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Hulk Hogan Shaves Mustache: “HE’S GAY!” – WWE/TNA News

By Masked Hernandez

Whatcha gonna do brother when Hulk Hogan shaves his mustache? That’s what he plans to do man and now the speculation begins again. There are persistent rumors that he had a gay fling with Brutus Beefcake, and now one of my buddies in the business, Pompadour Pile Driver, had the following to say: “He’s gay. Hulk Hogan is Gay. He is shaving that mustache of his because it is probably tickling Beefcake and he don’t like it. That’s what I heard from an inside source.”

I couldn’t get any confirmation on this mustache shaving theory and I left a message with Beefcake, but he has not returned my call brother. Let me say this man. There isn’t anything wrong with gay, gay for pay, gay in every way, or gay marriage. We are all humans brother and different strokes for different folks. If Hogan is shaving to please Beefcake, so be it. I don’t believe that he is man. I think that Pompadour Pile Driver is listening to the wrong crowd here.

Whatever the case, it looks like the Hulkster is ready to shave that mustache and show the world his pretty face….YIKES!

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