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By Masked Hernandez

I remember the Rockers man. They were one hell of a tag team in the AWA and WWE, but things have changed brother. One man, Shawn Michaels went one way…to the top of the game, and the other, Marty Jannetty, went the other way…out of the sport and into a world of drugs and alcohol.

Jannetty has said some things on his Facebook that have turned some heads brother and now he’s claiming that he’s writing a book on his former partner, exposing the truth. Here is a sample of what he said:

o hell yes, Imma ax this now.. Shawn, my good friend, what up bee otch??… I gotta book coming out..well not yet..there”s a few moral issues.., you may wanta contact me first, cause Im telling bout my life, you being a part of it, well hell..call me…but in truth, I’d rather you not, the book will be soooo much better if I dont fall for your shit.. but If you say “DONT SAY THAT” …I’ll remember what yo religious fake ass said about me in your bullshit book..Anyone wanting to see real, will..I aint protecting yo ass…

I can picture Jannetty sitting at his computer brother, typing up his book when the door is kicked in and Michaels gives him sweet chin music. It may just happen brother.

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