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Brock Lesnar UFC Retirement – THE FUTURE AHEAD REVEALED – WWE Return?

By Vinnie Franklin

Alistair Overeem kicked the former UFC Champ into retirement and now the question is: What’s next for Brock Lesnar? This guy may or may not have been a marketing job rather than a true champion, but he did what a company wants their face to do: bring in ratings. Brock Lesnar, unlike guys like Bobby Lashely, another WWE guy, won some fights against some capable competition.

I read a lot of stuff from other MMA writers that are dismissing his career as a whole and it’s easy to do. If you are only as good as your last fight then Brock isn’t that good, but don’t be fooled. Medical issues severely hurt him in the cage. He would have never beaten Overeem, but he wouldn’t have gone down so easily either.

The most likely scenario, after the dust settles with his UFC contract, is a return to the WWE where he can fight in fake fights and make more money without so much risk. This guy still is a huge name and is in high demand. That demand brings him back to the ring…the wrestling ring that is. UFC fans, how’s that taste?

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