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Brock Lesnar: THE WWE COMEBACK – UFC Farewell

By Masked Hernandez

I remember when I first saw the guy brother. He was a giant, let by Paul Heyman of ECW fame. He shouted that he had “the next big thing,” and he was right. Brock Lesnar captured the imagination of the fans. He was an indestructible monster. He didn’t talk much. He just came out and destroyed and that persona would make its way into the UFC brother, where it wasn’t so far from the mark.

Lesnar’s F-5 finisher was a thing of beauty and he respected the business. Much like Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper, and The Rock, Lesnar took a step away from wrestling to pursue other avenues. He found the UFC brother.

Dana White saw the potential in a former WWE guy stepping into the Octagon and matched him appropriately brother. He made a bundle and now the word is that he will head back to the wrestling ring to make even more.

What makes this deal so sweet brother is that there is legitimate heat between Lesnar and my friend, The Undertaker. Words have been exchanged man and they have already had one face to face showdown at a UFC event. Vince McMahon reportedly got them to shake hands and let it go so they could potentially meet at Wrestlemania 28, but that is up in the air. There is some red tape that needs to be cut.

Lesnar is a star and he will find that limelight again man and it will probably be in the WWE ring. I, for one, cannot wait brother.

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