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Rashad Evans Vs Jon Jones: UFC SHOWDOWN LOOMING – Who Wins?

By Vinnie Franklin

I sat back and watched Rashad Evans struggle with Phil Davis on Saturday night. The guy is a good striker and Davis was no cupcake, but when you consider the superb abilities of Jon Jones, it’s hard to imagine Evans being the guy that will stop his run in the UFC.

Jon Jones did some excellent commentary on the UFC on FOX card and the hope was that Evans would come out and destroy the young Davis, which is what most people had believed would happen. The guy never knocked anyone out. All of the Davis wins never ended with a crushing blow, while Evans is a striker. He can knock you into tomorrow. Just ask the Ice Man. He iced him with his crushing power.

Now in the defense of Evans…you can’t dance well if your partner is a bad dancer and Davis acted like a scared rabbit after the first minute of the fight. He moved and moved and eagerly awaited the bell. Jon Jones will be a different fighter…more dangerous but more willing to fight. Evans will have more opportunities to land.

In the end, the rightful favorite is Jon Jones, but Evans will be going after him from the first bell. The Phil Davis wins makes him more of an underdog, but it is deceiving. The fight is still the fight and the odds are still the odds. Jones should win, but it won’t be a cakewalk.

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