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John Cena Vs The Rock – Wrestlemania HEEL TURN – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Cena SUCKS! Cena SUCKS! Cena SUCKS! Does that sound familiar brother? Well let me tell you something dude. John Cena has been getting a lot of negative reaction from the fans lately and he heard it loud and clear when he took on Kane at the Royal Rumble. Now Kane is popular, but the Rock he is not.

Heading into Wrestlemania 28, expect Cena to assume the role of the bad guy, a role that he has already grown into brother. The Rock is so charismatic that you know where the fans are going to be. Cena’s not cut out to be a face. The guy is unlikable and that will help his heat in the match with the Rock. It will also help the buy rates.

Wrestlemania will mark the return of the Rock and you can expect Cena to do some dastardly things on the road to the event.

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