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The Rock is A HOMOPHOBE! – John Cena Wrestlemania 28 SHOCKING DECISION – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

John Cena has made the decision to make his feelings known about his WM 28 opponent, The Rock on Twitter, saying that: “it’s apparent that my actor buddy Dwayne doesn’t like homosexuals or secondary education. Very classy. Tell Brian (Gewirtz) to write you better stuff.”

This was a response to the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) saying that Cena sucked on “yumn rockets” in college. Now, I’m not a fan of Cena brother, but the guy is right. The Rock makes a lot of comments about man on man sex and seems to have a distain for it man. Hey dude, don’t knock it until you try it man. Even this masked man experimented while in Mexico. Things are different down there man. You put on a mask and the gender disappears. Isn’t that right Mil Mascaras?

Wrestlemania 28 will feature these two men going head to head, and let me say one more thing brother. Rock, you are lucky that you don’t fight in the 1980s when Andre the Giant was shoving that big thumb up the backsides of his opponents. Ask your pops. Andre was a thumb raper!

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