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“Bad” Brad’s Scorecard: Everlast Powercore Heavy Bag

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Recently Boxing Depot.com sent me an Everlast Powercore 80 LB heavy bag for my home boxing gym. My previous heavy bag from Everlast was made of nylon and it was not worth the hook it hung from. The seams, after time split and the Everlast sewn on patches ripped off. The other issue was the four chains it hung from clanged all the time when you bounced punches off the bag and made it jerk around quite a bit.

When I opened the box to my new Powercore heavy bag, I saw a completely different made bag. Over the last two weeks, I have worked my jabs, right hands, hooks and body shots off this well constructed heavy bag. It’s made of leather, has two nylon straps that come together, and then clip to a hanging chain. There are no more clanging chains which is a huge plus!

The bag is sturdy, and when you throw punches on it, you can really feel what you are putting down.

I highly recommend the Everlast Powercore Heavy Bag and give it a rating of 10 out of 10!

Boxing Depot sells the Everlast Powercore Heavy Bag for $109.95.

Purchase your Everlast Powercore Heavy Bag Here.

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