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By Masked Hernandez

Did you catch that “rock vs. rap” deal on Monday Night RAW brother? In my day, you cut a quick promo and you kicked some ass, but now they have all this glitz and nonsense and that’s what we got in promotion of this upcoming main event at Wrestlemania 28.

You have “the Rock” (Dwayne Johnson), possibly the most charismatic non-masked man ever to put on the wrestling boots against John Cena, the rapping thug wannabe that struggles to maintain any popularity with the fans.

On RAW, we saw Cena come out with his little rap and insulted the Rock and then the Rock came out with his own tune and insulted Cena, and I just shook my head. The match at WM 28 is a big event, but they are not drumming up the interest that they want. This bout …just the physicality of it is interesting, but this hype is not getting me excited brother.

Look for the Rock to beat Cena at WM 28. That’s what I’ve heard from my buddy backstage. It’s not surprising man, but expect it to happen. Cena just don’t have the pop that he or the WWE had hoped for.

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