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Undertaker Vs Triple H & Shawn Michaels: WRESTLEMANIA 28 AGENDA

By Masked Hernandez

Hey dead man. Yeah, I’m talking to you brother. Whatcha gonna do when Triple H and Shawn Michaels pull the screw job on you?! That’s the plan man, but don’t buy the hype. Although Michaels is claiming alliance with HHH, there is the strong possibility that there may be a double cross.

The Taker has that 19-0 record at WM brother and the man that puts that “1” in the loss column will be a mover and shaker and Triple H, by hook or by crook, is just that. He don’t need this win, but he may just want to soothe his ego brother. But Michaels has had his feuds with both Taker and HHH, but the history with his buddy there, Hunter, is long and bumpy. They like working together and may want to set up a program and let somebody else take on Taker at WM 29.

Michaels all but said he was going to screw over Taker on RAW Monday night, but it looks like a smoke screen to this masked man. Get read for some sweet chin music Hunter…right at that big nose of yours…the one you have up Vince’s ass.

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