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Floyd Mayweather JR Vs Miguel Cotto: LET THE MIND GAMES BEGIN – Boxing News

By Gina L. Caliboso

Even though the Mayweather, JR vs Manny Pacquiao bout appears to be a dead deal, pending all jail time, PPV percentages, and purse percentages, and steroid testing, and possible retirement plans that seem to ALWAYS get in the way of said dead deal, I’m looking forward to the Mayweather JR vs Cotto bout. Then in June, Pacquiao vs Bradley will happen. And again, it begs to question, will Pacquiao or Mayweather, JR., retire after said bouts? Will a war of words, tweets, and FB statuses calling each other out result in the fight ever happening? Yes, RSR fans, in a few words (not really), I’ve managed to verbalize the sheer lack of desire for either fighter to eventually face one another. Before we start repeating the reasons ad nauseum, let’s just take a look at the immediate bout at hand – Floyd “Money” Mayweather, JR vs Miguel Cotto.

There is no doubt in my mind that for Mayweather’s prior opponent Juan Marquez, he did get afforded the opportunity to fight the very best in Mayweather. Even though Mayweather did weigh in heavier and ultimately defeated Marquez rather easily, Marquez was simply given opportunity. And now Cotto has been chosen by Mayweather and also, given the same opportunity. Despite the odds, both Marquez and Cotto, faced Floyd Mayweather JR., with no hesitation. So, despite the eagerness on Floyd’s part to fight someone, or anyone, he perceives as an opponent he can beat, Mayweather is a draw and fight fans tune in. But for now, here are my dossier like takes on both Mayweather, JR and Cotto.

Profile on Miguel Cotto:

I really like the way Cotto has shaken off his loss to Margarito. After the beating he suffered at the cheating hands of Margarito, Cotto had to walk away from his own shadow of doubt. After Margarito, Cotto slowly emerged as the quiet fighter. Back in 2009, Cotto lost against Pacquiao along with the WBO Welterweight title. After Pacquiao, he decided to fight at light welterweight where he has really shined as a fighter and rejuvenated his own psyche. In 2010, he fought against Yuri Foreman and earned a 9th round TKO to become the WBA World Light Middleweight titleholder. He has successfully defended his title twice in 2011. He earned a 12th round TKO against Ricardo “Matador” Mayorga and later met Margarito for a second time which resulted in a 10th round RTD due to a swelling around Margarito’s right eye. In his own quiet way, Cotto has emerged as a stronger and confident fighter. While I think he may have to start strong against Mayweather and use his jab more often, he has a fighting chance. He needs to finish the fight early before championships rounds and never take Mayweather for granted.

Scenario 1 – Cotto wins over 12 rounds

Should Cotto win over 12 rounds, which as I’ve predicted will not likely happen, Cotto will probably stay around and fight against Pacquiao maybe one more time. Even though he suffered a loss to Pacquiao before, Cotto, much like his rematch against Margarito needs to shake off what his prior victors have done.

Scenario 2 – Cotto loses due to a KO, stoppage, or 12 round decision

Should Cotto lose against Mayweather, it wouldn’t be hard for Cotto to stick around and fight again at light middleweight. Ranked as the #1 ranked light middleweight, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is ranked #2. Alvarez vs Cotto would be a good fight. But I don’t foresee this happening. We all know Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez JR is where it’s headed.

Profile on Floyd Mayweather, JR:

As I write this article, I read a headline indicating that at the press conference for his bout against Cotto held at the Apollo Theatre in New York, Mayweather said that “Pacquiao is not one of the sharpest knives.” Then added a comment about the Arum fighter mill in that they only fight one another because he’s worried he won’t make any money. I used to get sick of Mayweather JR’s big mouth, but probably because he tells exactly what is on his mind. Mayweather JR has no filter. It’s why he would make a great anti-hero for any opponent he faces.

For goodness sake, he even acted out against his father Floyd Mayweather, Sr. We all remember the line “I ain’t no JR!” With all his calling out of Pacquiao, whether it be from an accusation of the use of steroids and a failure to step up and agree to a 50/50 split, Mayweather JR is best at being the “bad a$$, big mouth” of boxing.” Mayweather JR is no fool. He’s also got jail time starting June 1st. Now, why did he take the fight against Cotto? Obviously to get some money and win. Why not take the fight against Pacquiao? Because he’ll lose and not get as much money.

Scenario 1 – Mayweather, JR wins before championship rounds.

Should Mayweather score some sort of TKO in rounds 1-9, it’ll have to be due to his evasiveness and speed. Let’s all remind ourselves that Mayweather isn’t exactly the most exciting of fighters. He’ll more than likely win a UD over 12 rounds. However, Cotto is no Ortiz. Cotto has a good chin, good movement, and a good jab. Should Cotto put together enough combinations of power against Mayweather, he has the window that could make a decision his. If Floyd should win, he will have some jail time to think about his next fight. If he wins over 12 rounds, Pacquiao is a no go for the fall. Should he win before the championship rounds, he’ll get some jail rest and be ready to fight in the fall.

Scenario 2 – Mayweather loses a split decision

Should Mayweather lose due to a decision, it’s over. Let him hang up his gloves. The one defeat in his armor will be his undoing. Floyd should retire undefeated. But he tried retirement before. We won’t forget Floyd but he won’t exactly allow us to forget him either. At that point, Pacquiao should then hold out for 70/30. Pacquaio is the draw then.

Well, RSR fans, let’s end on this note. Floyd Mayweather, JR vs Miguel Cotto – good bout or just a delay tactic? It’s both. However, I always expect boxing to be good and any delay is really a tactic to make us stay tuned and continue our love for the beloved sport of boxing. Here’s to May 5th. And anything after.

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