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Undertaker Vs Triple H & Shawn Michaels: BIG PLANS FOR RAW TONIGHT – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Tonight on RAW man, we will see the Undertaker in the ring with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. It’s a done deal, but don’t expect anything else but talk, talk, and more talk. They are not going to give anything away for free before the big Wrestlemania 28 showdown.

The Undertaker is bringing his 19-0 record into the biggest show in the wrestling world against the biggest opportunist in the history of the game, Triple H, with Vince’s toy, Shawn Michaels as the referee. The prize is to take that “0” away from the dead man, but the word is that the Taker is going to 20-0 and a Michaels- HHH feud will begin.

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