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By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. I just got off the phone with my main man in the WWE and the word is that Brock Lesnar is coming back and that they will give a window into it at this upcoming WWE PPV, Wrestlemania 28.

Well, what is the plan with Brock, I asked. I figured that the Undertaker would be the opponent, but now Vinnie Mac is thinking about a Rock vs. Brock rematch for WM 29, and when the Rock was asked about it recently, he wouldn’t comment. It’s in the works brother.

Much like The Rock, Brock made a career outside of WWE. He won gold in the UFC and became a mainstream star and his return would get a lot of press. Vince wants him badly man, and now he’s got him.

WWE, with its failure to create stars nowadays, has focused on bringing back known commodities like Rock, Stone Cold, and now Brock Lesnar. It’s not bad business, but you gotta build up the young man. Where are they gonna go when these guys ride off into the sunset? They need to be built up, not squashed.

I’m looking forward to seeing Brock return brother. The WWE is sweetening the pot.

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