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Rock, John Cena, Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels & More: WRESTLEMANIA 28 SHOCKERS

By Masked Hernandez

I want to say that the WWE really did well with Wrestlemania 28 brother. From top to bottom, we had a show that made me think of Wrestlemania 3. From the arena to the energy in the audience, we had a good show man. It was electrifying.

Sheamus got a quick win over Daniel Bryan and when I say quick, I mean it brother. This reminded me of when the Ultimate Warrior came out and beat the Honky Tonk Man in seconds. That no-talent moron, Brutus Beefcake was supposed to take on the Honky Tonk Man, but I think he was out on a date with Hulk Hogan brother.

My brother in the mask, Kane, upset Randy Orton and good for him man. The guy needs to be wearing gold around that waist. Orton needs to find his personality. He is too influenced by Triple H brother. His dad never had to pose and never had to be this tough guy. He was a tough guy but he had personality too. Take a page out of your dad’s book Randy!

Undertaker remained undefeated with a victory over Triple H… Wrestlemania 29 is where the 0 will go according to my sources. Brock Lesnar? The Rock? Who will take that record away from the Taker? It’s yet to be seen.

CM Punk got the win over Chris Jericho in the match of the night man. Punk and Jericho put on a show worthy of a WM and I hope that Vinnie Mac gave the boys a bonus for what they did.

Cena tried that damn People’s Elbow…why Cena? Why? When Ric Flair tried it years ago, he paid for it. When Vince McMahon tried it, he paid for it. The Rock saw it coming and delivered his Rock Bottom to end the night. Cena’s loss may be a win though. He may turn heel and that will lead to big opportunity for the rapping, wannabe movie star. The Rock has beat him at the movies too. THE MARINE wasn’t really a challenge though brother.

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