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By Vinnie Franklin

The former Strikeforce champ, Alistair Overeem produced a positive test for a testosterone to epitestosterone ratio urine test, which put him way over the legal limit and put his future in the UFC in jeopardy. His steroid use has been the worst kept secret in the sport. Every locker room that I enter, it’s the topic of conversation. The guy blew up from light heavyweight to a monster in the ring.

I was just phoned by a buddy at the NSAC and he informed me that Overeem applied for a license to fight in Nevada. The guy is smart. Las Vegas is the city of sin man and they have a tendency to turn their heads to the nasty stuff that infects our sport.

UFC 146 is still up in the air, but I was told that it is still on. Overeem will take on Junior dos Santos in the main event for the UFC Heavyweight Title. If Overeem doesn’t get a license, then UFC 146 will find another main event. Dos Santos may not have the proper time to prepare for another opponent.

Where there’s money, there’s corruption and there is plenty of corruption in all sports with the performance enhancing drugs. Money talks and bullshit walks and the money will talk here and you will see Overeem in that Octagon again. You can take it to the bank and cash it.

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