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Scott Hall BUSTED – Girlfriend Beaten by DRUNK – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Say hello to the bad guy brother! Scott Hall, AKA – Razor Ramon, was just arrested for beating and choking his girlfriend, Lisa Howell. The police noted that she had red marks around her neck and that Hall had “white foam” coming from around the edges of his lips. Hall has had a long history of being an alcoholic man and here we go again.

Hall is a train wreck brother. He is the type of guy that could have ruled the wrestling world. He was given a big push by Vinnie Mac in WWE when he made him “Razor Ramon,” and he went on to have some high profile matches. He followed that up with an unbelievably successful run in WCW as part of the N.W.O., but his personal demons got him brother.

Hall has denied the allegations but he hasn’t denied he was drinking for days before this incident. He probably doesn’t remember it brother. Drinking and drugging in wrestling is everywhere man. I saw so many of my friends lose their lives to it. Hall had the world and he lost the world. You got nobody to blame but yourself brother!

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