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By Geno McGahee

The Manny Pacquiao foundation is being sued for $35, 806.36, plus interest for shipping costs of “relief goods,” from an unnamed logistics company. TMZ reported that when custom officials found the containers, they were holding used clothing, which does not quality as “relief goods,” under Filipino law. The shipment was impounded.

Pacquiao has a PPV showdown with Timothy Bradley in June and has been battling several run-ins with the law. He will not have a difficult time coming up with the money to pay this bill, but the more negative news that come up the less and less the image of Pacquiao as the good guy of boxing shines.

Edwin Espejo, a journalist, has made the claim that the foundation was “beset with corruption.” RSR was contacted by a man that wishes to remain anonymous with his take on this situation.

“Pacquiao’s surrounded himself with all sorts of dirty people. These people are shady. He has all these women throwing themselves at him…men too! This one guy we had to kick out of the gym because he wanted his autograph and MORE! Pacquiao don’t swing that way, and stop coming to the Wild Card. WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE! This situation is on his mind, like the rest of these things that the press keeps printing…he is just mentally spent by it. I hope that he gets right for the Bradley fight.”

As you can see, these incidents are taking some effect on the Filipino warrior.

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