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Undertaker RETIRES – Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania & More – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. My cell phone just went ring-a-ding and it was my masked brother from the WWE with some interesting news. A big meeting with Vinnie Mac led to the discussion about the last run or last ride of the Undertaker.

His in ring activity will be near none up to the next big show, Wrestlemania 29, where he will be facing off against John Cena and will finally lose. He wants to pass the torch man and Cena has been a company man, defending the organization and doing what they need him to do.

Many think that the return of Brock Lesnar will lead to a feud between the Undertaker and the Next Big Thing, but don’t hold your breath dude. The Undertaker is too brittle to be manhandled by that beast. Considering the bad blood, if one of them flips their lid, it may be a big mess for the WWE. Cena will allow the Taker to lead.

The Undertaker is one of best of all time. It will be sad to see him go brother.

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