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HULK HOGAN – WWE/TNA NEWS – The Moments that Defined a Legend

By Masked Hernandez

I don’t care if he had gay sex with Brutus Beefcake brother. Hulk Hogan defined the world of wrestling for years and still maintains a fan base like no other. There are many critics of him and with good cause man. I have seen him blacklist wrestlers and protect his legacy by destroying others, but when you just look at it on the surface, you have to say that the man has had a good career. Hulk Hogan may have taken parts of my act, parts of Superstar Billy Graham’s act and others, but he was able to capture the imagination of the public with the help of good old Vinnie Mac. Together, they brought wrestling into the living rooms of America.

Hulk Hogan has had many moments in the ring and outside of it brother and with all of the fan mail I get and all the wrestling fans that mob me at the conventions asking what I think about him, I have decided to answer the questions by making my list of his top 10 wrestling moments…in no particular order.

#1 – Beating the Iron Sheik

Hogan would win heavyweight gold by being the only man to break the dreaded “camel clutch” of the then champion, The Iron Sheik. Right when the fans thought it was over, Hogan lifted up and dropped the Sheik into the corner, eventually dropping the leg and getting the 1-2-3 count.

#2 – Slamming Andre

Wrestlemania 3 is still the best of them all and what better match then Hogan defending against former face, Andre the Giant brother? Andre was slammed by the tan behemoth and pinned in front of a record crowd. It’s hard to beat that brother.

#3 – N.W.O for Life

WCW brought in Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and we all wondered who the third guy was going to be. Shockingly, it was Hogan brother, and it started WCW on a huge popularity run that would end, but would be forever remembered man.

#4 – No Holds Barred

The Rock and John Cena have made movies brother, but I still think that the best wrestler movie has to be NO HOLDS BARRED with Hulk Hogan. I remember going to the movies to see this bad boy and it delivered!

#5 – Dropping the Title to Goldberg

I know Hogan lost, but what a way to go man! Hogan took on the undefeated Goldberg on Monday Nitro and would lose via jackhammer, passing the torch to the bald monster. It was an event to remember man.

# 6- Roddy Piper WAR

Over the years, Piper and Hogan have been at war and it would travel from organization to organization. Piper and Hogan were the men that headed up the rock and wrestling connection in the 1980s and battled it out to sold out crowds. It was something else!

# 7 – The Comeback

Returning to the WWE after his WCW run had ended, Hogan had memorable bouts with Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and the Rock. The most memorable part of this return was when he captured the WWE heavyweight title again. It brought the fans of his 1980’s career back brother. It was a feel good moment!

# 8 – Vince Russo

Hogan would not lose to Jeff Jarrett and that started a huge war between Russo and Hogan, right on live PPV. Hogan and Russo exchanged insults and Jarrett lay on his back for the three count without ever locking up with Hogan. It was a shocking, and some say true, moment.


Thunderlips brother. Remember when Hogan took on Sylvester Stallone in ROCKY III? Well, he did and that was the project that brought in Mr. T into the WWE and got Hogan away from the AWA. It was the official launch of the Hulkster.

# 10 – Sting War

Another memorable war was with the Stinger. With Sting and Hogan having their runs at relatively the same time, many wondered just who would win if they faced off. Well, it was back and forth man and it was a great feud that got a little mixed up in the end, but was fun throughout.


I hope you enjoyed this list brother! You know what I’m talking about brother?!

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