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CANNIBAL SHOCKER – Inside Gruesome Details in Maryland Case, MC HAMMER Email & MORE

By Geno McGahee

The cannibals are coming out of the woodwork. First, we had the savage Miami attack where a man lost 75% of his face to a homeless naked man, high on bath salts. Now, Alexander Kinyua, an electrical engineering student and Morgan State University is being held on first degree murder charges in the death of 37 year old, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie.

This murder is certainly more macabre than most. According to reports, Kinyua proudly announced killing Agyei-Kodie, cutting up his body and then ingesting portions of it. He would dispose of some of the remains in a local church, but his brother, reported to police that he had found a human head and hands in their laundry room. Agyei-Kodie had lived with the Kinyua family and was reported missing by the father.

Kinyua, it was discovered, sent messages to Michel Bachmann and MC Hammer. A fixation with war and chaos are starting to emerge, and details as to why Kinyua behaved in such a manner are expected shortly.

Stay tuned…

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