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Evander Holyfield – DEAD BEAT DAD GOING TO JAIL – Boxing News

By Geno McGahee

Former undisputed heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield made more than 230 million dollars in his boxing career, but he is now broke, or so it seems. He is $372, 097 behind in child support payments and the state Department of Human Services is taking him to court to force him to pay up.

The state wants to put Holyfield into jail for the refusal to pay the money. The “Real Deal” has 12 children by 6 women, got into some hot water for roughing up his wife and has proven to be less than a good guy.

Holyfield has negotiated down child support payments in the past and he will try to wiggle his way out of this debt. The former champ with his continual praise to his God is probably praying right now that he doesn’t drop the soap when they lock him up.

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