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By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. Brock Lesnar is a star man and he can bring in a crowd no matter where he’s fighting. In the UFC, he made millions for Dana White and in the WWE, he made millions for Vince McMahon. Now, where will he go? The people want to know…where will he go? I’m a masked poet and I don’t even know it brother.

The plan now is to have Brock take on the Undertaker at the next Wrestlemania, but what will he do in between? He will take on Triple H. He had that physical interaction with him and HHH was bitching about how he doesn’t respect the business. Well, brother, let me tell you something. Sleeping with the boss’s daughter to get preferential treatment isn’t good for the business either man. You have held back many of my friends like Booker T and Rob Van Dam. So don’t criticize Lesnar.

Expect Lesnar to go on a path of destruction and dismiss any rumors of a return to the UFC. He was there to support his friends man…nothing more. He’s in the WWE for this short term deal and may renew, or may not renew. The guy has money falling out of his ass man and is holding all the cards. Let’s enjoy him while we have him brother.

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