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Texting and Driving DEATH – MASS TEEN SENTENCED – What It Means

By Geno McGahee

Aaron Deveau, 18, was sentence to 2 ½ years in jail for the crash that took the life of Donald Bowley, JR., 55. The sentence is a historic decision, as Deveau is the first in the state to be convicted of causing a fatality while texting. Bowley, JR., was killed and his girlfriend was seriously injured, leaving this decision unsatisfying for those that knew the deceased and knows the obstacles that lie ahead for the injured.

The prosecution contends that Deveau sent 193 text messages the day of the crash, including many just minutes prior to the impact and then dozens more immediately after it.

Aaron would stand in front of the Bowley family and apologize for his actions, which is why he was given a reduced sentence. Another part of the sentence was 40 hours of community service and he will surrender his license for 15 years.

Donna Burleigh, the sister of the deceased, stated that “we hope this sends a message that it’s not OK to text and drive.” Deveau did state, under oath, that he was not sending or receiving text messages in the moments prior to the crash, but he did admit he was distracted and thinking about his homework.

Texting while driving has become a major problem, and this case may be what sends a message to those that are doing this activity.

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