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Dark Knight SHOOTER: James Holmes, Jailhouse CONFESSION, Therapy and More Details Come to Light

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

As the world is still reeling from the shocking Colorado movie theater shooting last week by one sick – twisted James Holmes, more details are coming to the fold. Holmes, a former graduate student was being treated by a shrink at the university where he studied, according to court papers filed Friday.

Defense attorneys for James Holmes, made the disclosure in a court motion. The motion sought to discover the source of leaks to some media outlets that Holmes sent the psychiatrist a package containing a notebook with descriptions of an attack.

The motion said the leak violated a judge’s gag order and jeopardized Holmes’ right to a fair trial.

“The government’s disclosure of this confidential and privileged information has placed Mr. Holmes’ constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial by an impartial jury in serious jeopardy,” wrote the attorneys.

In addition, the package contained communications between Holmes and his psychiatrist that should be shielded from public view. The document describes Holmes as a “psychiatric patient” of Dr. Lynne Fenton.
One must wonder if there will be a jailhouse confession on why he actually did this horrendous crime or will it finally come out in court as what the motive was for his actions?

Stay tuned to RSR for more breaking details as this story unfolds…

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