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By Dani Mitchell

I just got done reading an article on the Layfield Report. And well… I have to throw this out there. I was a bit annoyed. The article was called “Raw 20th Anniversary didn’t disappoint”

The writer of the article basically called out the whole internet wrestling community. A lot of people were disappointed with Raw’s 20th Anniversary. They wanted the “wow” factor…can you blame them for being disappointed? I mean, after the 1000th episode jam packed with surprises and special guests, then you advertise how important the 20th anniversary is, and you don’t top the 1000th episode.

Granted the WWE never advertised any big surprises and special guests, but you can’t blame people for hoping for surprises; Especially since the show was in Texas, home to Superstars like Undertaker and Stone Cold.

I guess the point I am trying to make is, don’t blame fellow members of the Internet Wrestling Community for throwing their opinions out there or what they would have liked to see happen. Isn’t that what Twitter and all of these wrestling sites are for…to strike up conversation, controversy, speculation, and normally respect for others opinions?

I try to be unbiased in my writing, but when someone throws up an article about how great something is and bashes others just because they didn’t agree or thought it could be better, it’s honestly the most disrespectful thing you can do to the people that are reading your articles.

The only reason any of us write is to have others read it…would I want to read an article where I feel like I am bashed for having my own opinion on how something in WWE, TNA, ROH, etcetera went down? Probably not.

In my sincerest regard to the show…yes it had its moments. The Rock was on point and had a hilarious segment by reliving The Rock Show and singing. CM Punk cut a great promo and they dropped the bombshell that Eve was leaving WWE, and we had good ole Ric Flair in an okay segment. But even with those few great segments, even minus the starpower we were all hoping for, the matches were so-so with the exception of Dolph Ziggler vs. Cena and there was a lot of filler.

So If you are looking to kiss up, suck up, or turn your nose up at others, just to gain respect from someone of importance who has a job in the WWE, then fine… but I seriously doubt you will gain the respect of the Internet wrestling community and isn’t that what makes the wrestling world go round?

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