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Manny Pacquiao NEXT OPPONENT SHOCKER – Freddie Roach Runs to Wal-Mart and Gets New Pants – BOXING NEWS

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. Isn’t it time that Manny Pacquiao hang up the gloves? Freddie Roach’s cell phone rang when he was in line at Wal-Mart, buying some new threads. Hey Freddie, get some style. YA HEARD! Style breeds hate you noodle dick blowhard! Now, Roach got a 10 million dollar offer for Manny to fight in April. Really? Really? That’s a lot of pairs of running pants.

Y’all know that I get my fair share of hate mail and today, I’m going to air one of them and put this fat chump on blast. YA HEARD! I know he’s fat because he sent me a naked picture of himself. Now, the Vinman is pro-gay, but I don’t swing that way, but nobody told this noodle dick, assclown, keyboard warrior, blowhard FOOL! Here is the email…

“Vinman, do you like my picture YOU FOOL! Yeah, I’m sure you like my wiener. I’m a chubby and I have a chubby for you, BUT you made me mad, mad, mad and I’m not the sort of naked chubster that sits on his hands, especially when you talk about my Manny and Freddie Roach. EVERY time I see Roach, I just want to cover his (removed) in whipped cream and like the (removed) of his (removed) until he (removed) all over my fat (removed). STOP your hating on them and MAYBE I’ll call off the hogs.”

Really? Really? Don’t you EVER try to put me on blast you LOSER. I’m very good at tracing IPs and I see yours traces right back to (removed). Surprise, surprise. YA HEARD!

Now, it’s time to see how hard Thong can take a shot in the mouth. The most popular segment on the net, according to SI has a home here at RSR. Thong, owner of MannyLand, the #1 Pacquiao fan site, gives his opinion on Pacquiao and who he should fight next. Here is the ‘Bukkake Man,’ the man known as ‘Swiper,’ none other than Thong…


“Hey, what up sluts? I can’t believe how many American writers still suck on Manny’s fleshy nuts and then send their articles to me. That takes away the fun. I like the thrill of taking them. Swiper, stop swiping? Yeah right! So to those sites that want to see their name in lights, DON’T send them to me. I plan to swipe them anyway. Ooooh…how that gives me a big fat hard one in my pants.

Guess what, my site isn’t making the money it once did. Some of those advertisers aren’t comfortable with my practices. So I have to get a job now. I’m not working at Wal-Mart though. They only hire ugly people there and I don’t want to see Freddie trying on running pants in the changing room either. YUCK! I bet his junk smells like garlic.

Manny needs to fight on. I don’t care if he gets injured for life as long as the money comes in. Cha-ching…let that cash register ring! If he quits boxing, my site is up shit’s creek and so am I. What else could I possibly cover…2 girls, 1 cup?”

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