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Brock Lesnar Plan, Chris Jericho Return & More – WWE BREAKING NEWS – RAW REPORT

By Dani Mitchell

Three Major Points from RAW last night…

Point 1

Jericho’s return was not just for the Royal Rumble… Much to Dolph Ziggler’s dismay, Vickie renewed Y2J’s contract. Then Vickie dropped the bombshell that the two of them would have to put differences aside and work as a tag team vs. team Hell No. Things were looking pretty good, until Team Hell No started to fight with each other, and that’s when we got to see classic Jericho. He threw a punch at Kane’s back, tagged in Ziggler, then hopped out of the ring; leaving Ziggler to deal with an angry big red monster. Kane put a big chokeslam on Ziggler and pinned him for the win! I really hope something big comes from Ziggler and Jericho. The two of them have major in-ring chemistry, and I am ready to see more.

Point 2

We Found out Paul Heyman was working with The Shield. After finding this out, Vince McMahon gives a performance review where he shows the crowd the tape of Heyman talking to Maddox about how The Shield does what they are told.

After this, Vince begins to wish Heyman well on his future endeavors, but Heyman is saved when we hear Brock Lesnar’s music hit…. Yes, Lesnar is back. He ran to the ring picked up Mr. McMahon and gave him an F5. He never says a word, just does his job. WWE later reports that Mr. McMahon had suffered a broken pelvis from the attack. The future of Heyman is still in question since the big wig wasn’t able to give his famous line of “You’rrrrrrrrrrrrre Firrrrrrrrrrrrred” …so, I guess we will have to see what they plan on doing with Heyman, Punk, and Lesnar.

Obviously with Lesnar back the question of will Mr. McMahon get his revenge of being given an F5 by unleashing his son in law on Lesnar? Triple H last lost to Lesnar at Summerslam, and the fans feel like he has unfinished business. I am hoping to see Triple H back in the ring to gain a win against the beast Lesnar. I’m not completely anti-Lesnar though. I would love to see him put against Ryback. I think Lesnar could snap Ryback in half, and this might be the best possible opponent for Ryback to face. It could be a huge match-up.

Point 3

A very angry CM Punk came out and argued the fact that he was robbed of the title. He has announced that he wants a rematch at Elimination Chamber. The Rock has accepted but promises that he will not lose the title to Punk. So we know that it will be very heated leading up to that PPV, and will be fight to the deaths.

With Lesnar, Jericho, and the Rock all back… We have some much needed interest added to the storylines and matches. It’s refreshing to see them back, and I am actually excited about all the ways things can go at this point.

Keep Calm and Wrestle On.

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