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Brock Lesnar WWE DEAL – Vince McMahon F5’d – Wrestlemania Opponent & More

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. As I was riding up the west coast on my Harley, my phone went ring-a-ding man and it was my brother in the mask and he wanted to talk about Brock Lesnar. The big man recently put Vinnie Mac in the F5 and that set the tone for the direction of RAW brother. Lesnar has signed on the dotted line and we will be seeing more of him. The WWE has got their claws in the former UFC/WWE champ.

With Lesnar with Paul Heyman, he is the top heel and will push the company forward brother. Vince had to spread the green but the investment will pay off. Whatcha gonna do brother, when the F5 comes for you man?

And as for Wrestlemania…the opponent may just be Triple H brother. With Cena, the Rock, CM Punk, and the Taker all tied up, that leaves Brock without a dance partner. Bring in Triple H man…

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