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Manny Pacquiao NEXT OPPONENT SHOCKER – Floyd Mayweather JR CONFIRMED – Juan Manuel Marquez Puts PacMan on Blast – BOXING NEWS

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. I just got word that my friend, the LEGENDARY Juan Manuel Marquez just put Manny Pacquiao on blast. He said that he would not fight him again and now Slob Arum is busting a nut in his jeans and has to scramble to find another foe. Knock, knock…who’s there? It’s my LEGENDARY friend, Floyd Mayweather, JR. Why not finally make this fight.

What are the alternatives to fighting Floyd? Go to Wal-Mart and buy some jogging pants like Freddie Roach? If you are going to get flattened, you may as well do it for the most cha-ching and that is my friend, Floyd. YA HEARD!

Now, there are some assclown, noodle dick, keyboard warriors out there that have big time MAN CRUSHES on Freddie and Manny. In fact, here is an email I got today from one of his GROUPIE fans that claim to be a ‘writer.’

“Vinman, you FOOL! I have met Freddie and Manny and love, love, love them…and why does Freddie where those pants? Because his butt cheeks fill’em out. YA HEARD! I wanna grab’em. Fi fy fo fum, I wanna bite Freddie’s plump bum. You’re not going to take away my buns! You liberal piece of shit twat! Freddie’s buns are mine. I’m sick of all this bun control!”

Obviously, this idiot chump, assclown, blowhard has a 40 IQ. I wonder what menial job he has in life. Now, onto the most popular series on line is up next with the owner of the #1 unofficial fan site for Manny Pacquiao, MannyLand, Thong and his mad ramblings. He takes several shots in the mouth this week until he puked up his thoughts. Here is …


“What up sluts? I used to work at a sperm bank, but they fired me for drinking on the job. LOL! Now, I heard that Marquez don’t want to fight Manny again, huh? What, do your fists hurt from that last time you sent him into dreamland? Thong needs money and where is that chump gonna go? Get in the ring Manny and fight! I need $$$$$$!!!

Money…that’s what I want. The best things in life are free, but you can keep them for the groupies that are on Manny’s Jock…I want money…that’s what I want…what I want. I love that song! I mean, if I don’t make money with my website, do you know what I will be doing? They used to call me ‘gulp’ on the streets. I was the best cross-dressing streetwalker the Philippines has ever seen, but then the fuzz kept busting me and that’s when I saw Manny Pacquiao walk by. He came into my life and not into my face.

Now, sluts, go to MannyLand and you can email me and I will reply! I’m a celebrity here…I’m the guy that knows the guy that met the guy that has heard of Manny Pacquiao.”

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