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9 Year Old Gives Birth: SHOCKING BABY NEWS – Inside Details

By Geno McGahee

Dafne, a 9 year old in Mexico, has given birth to a daughter and now the hunt is on for the 17 year old man that impregnated her. The man will be charged criminally for the relationship, according to authorities, but this is one of the more disturbing stories of recent note.

The authorities report that the 9 year old Dafne stated that she and her much older partner were ‘in love,’ and it was confirmed that the two were ‘dating,’ but how a 17 and a 9 year old can date is beyond me and beyond the minds of the law. This is child rape no matter how you cut it.

Prior to the authorities search for the child rapist, he went to the child’s mother and asked to move in to help ‘raise the child,’ which was refused. He should be brought to justice relatively soon and hopefully the 9 year old can enjoy something of a childhood…even with a child of her own.

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