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Sonny Bill Williams SHOCKER: Frans Botha DRUG TEST HOAX – Revenge of the White Buffalo & David Tua

By Geno McGahee

It has been reported that Frans Botha has tested positive for a sedative, but the report itself has been called into question. Australian National Boxing Federation’s John Hogg noted that he didn’t believe that Botha even had a drug test, stating that “tests for performance enhancing drugs are not compulsory.” First, they screw Botha in the fight, dropping it from 12 to 10 rounds to ensure that their fighter won, but now they try to ruin the great name of the White Buffalo? Boxing needs to look into this one.

Due to this terrible incident, another heavyweight from the 1990s has stepped up and asked for a match with Sonny Bill Williams. Former title challenger and powerhouse, David “TuaMan” Tua wants a crack at the former rugby star.

This is a very interesting story that continues to get stranger by the hour. Stay tuned…

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